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Why Become a Member of JSBG?

Connect and grow with other professionals that can make a difference in your life and business. We offer a range of member benefits and services to get you the advice and help you need to build the business you want.
Importantly, you will be adding your voice to the tens of thousands of Micro Small and Medium Enterprise owners we already represent. Also, you will become a part of a supporting group that will help you to grow your business successfully. As a member, you will help improve the conditions in Jamaica for small businesses.
You will have access to special events, marketing opportunities, and discounts from other members. Open access to large networking events and will allow you to connect and build working relationships with professionals, business owners, and industry experts.
  1. JSBG Marketing and Public Relations (PR) Services.
  2. Events, Meetings & Workshops.
  3. Ambassador Program
  4. The Round Table

Having a seat at the round table is a unique opportunity for micro & small and medium businesses owners to discuss the needs of the wider MSME community whilst strategizing and planning the path forward for small business in Jamaica as well as fostering international opportunities. We could use this to lead the charge of developing a charter for MSMEs in Jamaica if one is not yet available. 

These seats are exclusive, which means; no two persons of similar profession will have a seat at the table at the same time. The goal is to create and develop mutually beneficial professional relationships and to promote and grow your businesses while charting the path for other businesses. 

The Ambassador Program is an exclusive platform through which successful leaders will be designated as Ambassadors in parishes, locales or sectors. 

The Ambassadors functions will include:

  1. Being the official local JSBG representative
  2. Providing Support and Advice to Chapter Members
  3. Facilitating and nurturing business opportunities for Chapter Members
  4. Being the Advocate for the local MSME’s community
  5. Building their own Chapter of Members within their designated area
  6. Being responsible for public comment on issues affecting MSME’s in the local community.
  7. Providing feedback to the JSBG on the issues affecting their members so the JSBG can properly address those issues.
  8. Assist MSME’s to grow both professionally and personally

Ambassadors are provided with full support to help them build their Chapter and local profile as well as full authority to represent the JSBG.

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As a your premier business support, we are pleased to offer the following services:

  1.  Accounting
  2.  Advertising/Marketing/Survey and Sponsorship Campaigns
  3.  Doing Business in Jamaica – from other countries
  4.  Doing Business Globally – International Trade
  5.  Education and Training
  6.  Finance
  7.  Financial Planners
  8.  Insurance (Health)
  9.  Legal
  10.  Loans and Finance
  11.  Mentoring/Coaching
  12.  Plans/Contracts
  13.  Public Relations
  14.  Public Speaking
  15.  Sales
  16.  Starting & Running Your Own Small Business
  17.  Sponsorship, Advertising and Online Campaigns
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